Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Beautiful Day

This is the view from our deck. Not bad, eh? I love the feel of the country. It's so much better in the love months (that would be spring, summer, fall...anything but dreaded winter). I cannot expain how much I deplore winter.

It was a busy day. We looked at several rental properties this morning. We bought one. It is a cute little brick house with hardwood floors -- move-in ready(photos to come!). Cowboy also bought a tractor -- a cheap one, but she runs great so far. Clearly, today we were in "buy" mode.

Curt refused to nap. This can be good or bad. Today, it was good. He was asleep at 8:00 p.m. This is big news around here!

It was the first beautiful day of the year. Joyous! (I am not a winter person and DO NOT want snow in March, k?) We took Curt outside and he had a wonderful time just playing in the leaves and with our dog, Bo. It's been too long since we've all spent time outside. It rocks!

Tonight, our fiends, DT and LT, (LT now does know about this blog and is very supportive -- pinky swear, of course), came over and we played...THE DICE GAME. The ladies have never been beaten 3 games out of 5. Tonight was a ball-burner. 4 of 4 -- no losses. It does my heart good. (Cowboy and LT are not nearly as intoxicated as they look in this photo.)

Bizzy is my best friend. LT is my "new" best friend. When I explained this to her, she said, "Yeah, I've only known you eight years! I'm not new!" She is right. However, old best friends will be best friends, no matter what

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