Sunday, March 9, 2008

Who are you?

I realize I don't have a huge following here. I am not living in a blog dream world. I do know from where most of my regular readers come, based on the sitemeter location query. Hi, Paducah! (Bizzy, Brenda, Christa) and Indiana (Hi,, I mean Rock) and a few others.

However, I have several readers who visit just about every day whom I don't know. These totally kewl people are from:

Paris, Texas
Toronto, Ontario
Tampa, Florida
Mission Viehho CA (that is SO totally misspelled, but I am too lazy to inquire. No offense to your fine city! are new...came to me via late talkers search. Honey, I feel your pain.)

I'm just curious. How did you get here and why do you keep coming back? Thanks.


Coyote Bebop said...

High Desert, in California here.

I'm one of Ange's buddies, and find myself throwing things at the TV whenever an "Every child is Autistic" commercial hits the screen.

I'm Mohawk/Scotish, and both cultures pretty much believe that "Child & Mother = God".

My own brother never said a WORD, until he was 2 years old. Then, he stood up and said the FULL "Pledge of Allegience" with the TV, while my father called the doctor, laughing, and told him to go screw himself (the doc had said that Mark was retarded, and may never speak).

Mark is now an artist, and earns quite a bit of money at it. He's also one of the smartest people that I know.

I don't believe that children are "Paradigm"s. I quit college, and left my psychology major, because of my believe that NOBODY is a "Paradigm".

One of the greatest writers, and poets in the world, is Christy Brown (My Left Foot).

Every time that somebody tells me, "You can't come through this door", I ask them, "Then where do want the new door?"

Ange (formerly Writer Mom) said...

I'll be back tomorrow. I just realized when I went to move your address up my blogroll, I got called away and deleted all the late talking mommies from my html code, so I hope you didn't notice that, because it would have made me paranoid.
Anyway, I'm up way too late worrying over my cat. Gotta go to bed. More tomorrow?

*I love coyote.

Jeanna said...

I'm glad I didn't notice, Ange. I would've thought I ticked you off! smile.