Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Curt had a blast hunting his eggs. Every time he hunted.

We ditched church and went to the Lake. I had not bought "Easter outfits" anyway. Therefore, what was the point? We had fun. Now, it's time to grill and watch March Madness. I love spring.

P.S. Ignore the paci. Hell, he just woke up. Yes, he's 3.5 (or more). You talkin' to ME!?!


Missy said...

Cute pic! Ethan just ditched his paci this past week (he's more than 3.5). We tried to take it away once and decided it wasn't worth it, so we let him decide when it was time to be done. He was done with it this week and hasn't asked for it since (except the one time he didn't want to go to bed yet - lol - sneaky little stinker).

Coyote Bebop said...

I had no idea what a "Paci" was, until just now.

...then I realized,...

...I still have so many Paci's.

Jeanna said...

Coyote bebop,

Don't we all...?