Monday, March 31, 2008


This post is actually a letter to Ange. However, it has information other moms (and dads) just starting this process might need to know -- if only to know what not to do. BTW, SLP = speech language pathologist and EI = early intervention.


You are right on so many levels! I am encouraged by Jack's success -- it gives me much hope for the future. It's OK if it is two years (or more) down the road, as long as it comes!
I told his first SLP about the mixed language disorder and gave her a copy of the report. She totally ignored me and went the ABA route (which was what the Camaratas said NOT to do). Thank God we're outta there.

I received this note from Mrs. Teacher Friday afternoon. "Curt is showing great improvement following directions and interacting at Circle Time. We are still having problems with the bathroom (he likes running in and out), the computer (wants to be on it all the time) and pinching." At least the news is not all bad this time.

EI first wanted me to take him to TRIAD at Vanderbilt -- totally for Autistic disorders. I had the appointment set when I talked to Mary Camarata. Divine Intervention! After we saw the Camaratas, EI still tried to get me to take him to Memphis to the same kind of place. This time, I waivered not. I said, "He has a diagnosis from Vanderbilt. There is no reason to go anywhere else." It's like they wanted the Scarlet Letter "A" on his chest and would not be happy until they got it!

I was so happy when he turned three and EI was out of our lives!

His second and third SLP (the current one) work with child-led activities and it makes all the difference. (Wow, just like the Camaratas said -- you'd think they were experts or something!) The only reason we're on our third is because of insurance which did not pay for #2 (number one was with a big company and they had NO PROBLEM paying! Don't even get me started on the insurance companies!!) #3 is with the school and free. We just couldn't swing Dr. Brown and the SLP out of pocket every week of the year. This summer, he will return to #2 weekly when school is closed.

You are right. If they would call Dr. Camarata, I would love that. They have not tried to re-schedule a meeting, but when they do, that will be my suggestion.

The good news is that Dr. Brown agrees with the Camaratas' Rx. He told me we were right to take him to Vanderbilt, because if we had taken him around here (BFE), he would've gotten an Autism diagnosis in five minutes.

Thank God for the internet. It gave me access to other late-talking moms (like you) and it's where I found the Camaratas.

ETA: WTF is so important about circle time? Why does everyone insist two and three year olds must participate in "jail without bars" on a daily basis and who are the 3-year-old little boys (or girls for that matter) who enjoy it? Pa-lease!


Ange (formerly Writer Mom) said...

*More soon. I need to send Missy and Heather and Yvonne over here.

Ange (formerly Writer Mom) said...

Bloglines let me read your last post.

You know my email.

Jeanna said...

Thanks, Ange. I posted another one which is a little more explanatory. I so appreciate your thoughts.

Coyote Bebop said...

Circle time sounds like a weird, Stepford Wives kind of thing.

Like they should just post a HUGE banner that simply reads;