Thursday, March 20, 2008


As much as my friend Bizzy loves the retro style, Semi loves her antiques. This piece is one I am now acquiring. The price seemed cheap. I called Nana (the antique guru -- and my mom) who told me to run, not walk, to buy it. In the next week, it will be mine, after a final eyeball on the piece. I only wish the Noritake "Royal Hunt" china pattern went with it. Love it.

Speaking of wanting something (segueway, anyone?), I received something I really wanted today. When I picked Curt up from pre-school, his teacher called me aside. Usually, this is not a good thing. But, today, she said, "We had a good day. When we told him it wasn't his turn on the computer, he just walked away. No tantrum. Also, at circle time, he didn't run off and actually participated. It was a good day."

Are we turning a corner here or was this a fluke? Next week will tell. I will tell you that he received his first good note (ever) on the sign-out sheet which read, "More compliant today!"

Should I put it in his baby book? You be the judge.

I'm off work tomorrow for Good Friday. The Bible Belt does have its advantages. Who knew?

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Ange (formerly Writer Mom) said...

I'd put it in the baby book for sure. You're way ahead of us. Don't think we got any good notes until this year.
We did get a few, "was pretty good today," but nothing to make me all gooey.

Have a great weekend.
And congrats on the purchase.