Sunday, February 17, 2008

Boiled Peanuts and Spit Cups

Thankfully, the trip itself was uneventful. Curt was a very good traveler -- not one fit! In fact, he was as good as could as I could've hoped for the entire visit.

Saturday morning, Cowboy, Curt and I traveled another 20 miles or so to go to Collinsville Trade Day, a weekly event which is quite unique. There, you will find:

  • clothes -- mainly SEC fare (Alabama and Auburn being featured most prominantly)
  • puppies

  • Lots o' socks (nearby Ft. Payne is Sock Capitol of the World and home to supergroup "Alabama")
  • A "Jumping House," pictured at the top of the photo at right, which Curt l-o-v-e-d.

  • funnel cakes

  • chickens

  • knives

  • goats

  • fishing rods

  • furniture

  • lots of "characters"
  • and much more!
Favorite statement overheard: "Mama, you dropped your spit cup!"

This did not deter Cowboy from consuming his funnel cake and boiled peanuts. We left with two knives (these may be worth something someday!), two hats (Alabama and John Deere -- hey, they were two for $5!), and a rustic ($4) sign for our camper on Kentucky Lake/Tennessee River which reads, "River Retreat."

Curt has five first cousins (ages 1,3,6,6,8) and his half-brother (my stepson) there, in addition to lots of aunts and uncles. Oh, and two grandparents who not only do not live together, but do not speak. We saw most of of those relations and no one was injured or fought hard enough to bring blood.

I consider that a successful weekend in Alabama.

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