Monday, February 4, 2008


Ok, it's supposed to be h-e-l-p, but I like the way Curt pronouces it (as in "Hep me, hep me, I've been hyp-motized!" Some child of the 80s please hep a chick out and tell me where that's from!)

Bizzy (or anybody), I would hyperlink to your name, but I DON'T KNOW HOW! Also, I tried to set up free stats, but I don't know if I did that right, either. Techo-savvy, she is not.

I've been posting a butt-load, I know. It's a better alternative to tomorrow's news than chain-smoking. Chain-posting! That's what it is!

Any prayers, well-wishes, or good vibes (depending on your groove) for tomorrow's follow-up visit are appreciated. You don't have to send them, just have them in your head, OK?


Brenda said...

I've got 'em all in my head...prayers, good wishes, AND vibes!

Jeanna said...

Brenda, I do believe you're my new best friend (other than Bizzy, of course). Thank you and congrats on your new publication! I wish I could write like you. You are great.