Monday, February 4, 2008

A Different Kind of Hero

You may have stumbled onto this site from the Pumpkin Shell (thanks for link, Ange!) and her Late-Talking links. You may be searching desparately for information about your child, who is not talking yet. You may be in a state of panic and receiving conflicting statements from family and friends, from "He'll talk when he gets good and ready" to "Have you considered trying Floortime? (i.e., "I believe your child is autistic, but I am trying to say this in a very nice way.)"

You may be experiencing the personal hell that is Early Intervention and your child may be receiving "therapy" from folks with no real training whatsoever. You may have been called to a meeting where women who have spent very little time with your child tell you that you need to have him tested for autism. Those same women may get snooty and think you are in denial when you tell them you are taking your child to an expert who specializes in children who are late-talking for a full evaluation.

If you came here for help or for answers, this is it. Camarata. Dr. Stephen and Mary Camarata. Nashville, Tennessee. Call them. Drive there. Fly if you have to. It's worth the time and money for these two to sit with your child and treat him like an individual -- not a label. To have your child thoughtfully examined (3.5 hours!), so that they can gain his trust slowly -- so they can truly see him. His differential diagnosis for Curt was expressive/receptive language delay or, as the Doc said, "A bunch of mumbo-jumbo for late talker."

The best advice of all was when Mary Camarata said, "Enjoy your child. Don't let your worry or others steal the joy that comes from watching him grow." That says it all.

It may not be all wine and roses. It doesn't have to be all agony and despair, either.

This is a very good article:
(with contact numbers at the end!)

This is their new website (just getting started). I wish you the best.

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