Thursday, January 24, 2008


Heath Ledger.
Dead at 28.
We will never what he was meant to do.

His 2 year old daughter won't know her father beyond his movies.

Speaking of his movies, I so enjoyed "Brokeback Mountain." I guess some (many) homophobes cannot get past the sex scene (my husband watched it with me, but, inexplicitly, had to take an extended bathroom trip during that time). I saw it as a love story, at least for the role Ledger played. In my opinion, he didn't see himself as homosexual, but in love with that particular person, whether they be man, woman, pink or purple. Plus, the scenery in that movie was damn beautiful (I'm talking mountains here, people, mountains!).

Since I am a glutton for all things celebrity, I watched the coverage on his death. In one interview, he said (paraphrased), "I can die now, because I can live through Mathilda (his daughter)," he said. "But I want to live to see her life." I understand that sentiment.

I read long ago that your life could have two legacies: your children and art. It depressed me so much at that time because I had neither. Thank God for my little Curt. However, I personally would add a scholarship endowment as the third option.

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ChristaD said...

Great to see the post! I felt the same about BBM...a love story. Wish I could have visited when you were in last week. Christa